2024 Road Projects

Top course will be applied to the following roads:

Mast Road (Red Hill Rd to Churchtown Rd)

Mount Zion Road (Mast Rd to Meadeville Rd)

Emery Road (Churchtown Rd to township line)

Blank Road (Route 340 to Plank Rd)

Plank Road (Route 340 to Churchtown Rd) **** scratch coarse will also be applied

Roads to be completely rebuilt:

Evans Road (Mast Rd to Meadeville Rd)

King Road (Wanner Rd to Blank Rd)

Roads to be seal coated:

Jacobs Road (Wanner Rd to Cambridge Rd)

Churchtown Road (Route 340 to Route 322)

Byerly Road (Beaver Dam to twp line)

Beaver Dam Road (Churchtown Rd to Byerly Rd)

Guy Road (Churchtown Rd to Beaver Dam Rd)