How to File a Township Complaint

Many times we as a Township receive complaints from residents who do not wish to state their name through phone calls, voice mail and letters. We are not able to act on a given complaint unless we are aware of the source from which it came. The reason for stating your name is that if the case should ever go to court we would have documentation of a witness/defender to back up the complaint. If we have no documentation the case would not stand a chance in court. The information that you give to us is kept in strict confidence.

When filing a complaint about a malfunctioning sewage system, we need a sewage complaint form filled out. The reason for this is so that it is documented for the Department of Environment Protection.

When you are calling or writing with a complaint, please state your name and telephone number, so that we can contact you for additional information.

The only time your name would be released would be if you were needed to testify in court.